For 21 days starting Sunday January 14th and ending midnight on Saturday February 3rd, we ask you to consider joining us for 21 days of prayer and fasting. A fast is giving up the pleasures of this world to grow closer to God through prayer, reading and meditation. We’ve included some simple fasting options below as well as a prayer guide that has simple and easy to follow prayers that we will all be praying TOGETHER. With this prayer guide you will be praying for your life, our church and our city.


For Beginners –
We suggest giving up one or more of these worldly pleasures. (Coffee, TV, Social Media, Fiction Books, Sugar, Caffeine, etc.)

For those a little stronger in the faith we would suggest one of the following:

Media Fast –
All Forms of Media (TV, Social Media, Movies, Internet, anything media driven that is not work related).

Daniel Fast –
Eating only fruits and vegetables. No sugars, dairy or anything processed. If you have any food restrictions we suggest you do the media fast.

Remember, a fast is giving up something worldly in exchange for something Godly through prayer, reading, and meditation.